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Free, the Hard Way

If you are about change for the better at any cost, Black Feelings (a.k.a. BF) wanted it in the worst way! Shaped and molded by the mean streets of Philly then by twenty years in the penitentiary, all he knew was pain. So he was the murderous, loving, and unjust—but only in his eyes. He chose to take a journey not only to free his mind but also those he felt suffered from oppression wherever it existed. He knew it would be hard, but he would be free. Read this in Free, the Hard Way.


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Free, the Hard Way: Part 2

B.F. a.k.a. black feelings, didn’t manage to see his legacy live on, but live on it did! His son, and Trizz wouldn’t let B.F.’s name, and objective be downplayed by the media, or wrote off as if he was some crazy, and deranged ex – con, with no direction.

They promised to live out his thoughts through pro action. They wanted what B.F. wanted… for all the down trodden, white or black!!! To be free, if it meant being FREE THE HARD WAY!!!


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