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I was born in Philly, lived with one parent, which was my mother and my grandmother. She was a free-spirited individual and loved to party. I went to jail, and served 20 years. I’ve written poetry, articles etc; while in prison to release emotional pain, suffered from the poverty stricken environment, every young adolescent is subjugated too, that makes one the product of a system, which dictates to that ghetto. Wanting to express, the unjust acts committed on prisoners, where it creates a mind-set, some can’t learn to cope, this book is to give everyday people, an idea of what goes through the mind of a prisoner, who been awaken to the evil that can affect us all, if not nurtured, with peace and love. My goal is to teach that, to reform, you don’t have to dehumanize, degrade, and demonize a human, because they need bettering, or restrictions. Criminality cannot be the panacea, for crime. A reinvented Man.

Reginald Barnes